Ushaw Lectures Series

The Ushaw Lecture Series celebrates the cultural and research significance of the remarkable bibliographical, archival and material-cultural collections of the collections that form part of the Durham Residential Research Library, and the wider history of which they are expressions. The lectures cover music, art, drama, poetry and literature, architecture, material-culture, politics, science and theology. These are public lectures and are held two times a term.

Upcoming Lectures

‘Global Catholicism: A History from the French Revolution to Pope Francis’ 
Prof John McGreevy (University of Notre Dame)
Tues 30 Apr 2019

‘Staging Magic in English Catholic College Drama’
Prof Alison Shell (University College London
Tues 21 May 2019

‘Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall and Durham’s Response to the Reformation’
Lendrum Priory Library Fellow Lecture: Dr Elizabeth Biggs (RRL Lendrum Priory Library Visiting Fellow),
Tues 18 June ‘19